Revista ABCd (São Paulo). 05 Jan, 2015

Splenic inferior pole

Alcino Lázaro da SILVA
DOI: 10.1590/S0102-67202015000100021

The spleen, since antiquity, is an organ little known in its duties1,3. We conclude that all its physiological role is not known; but what is known, is that it is essential, verified through other means, by post-splenectomy sepsis for example4,5.

Anatomical studies developed by Neder, AM7 and Zapala, A.26, guided by DiDio and anatomical dissections by Campos Christo2, guided by Resende Alves22, led to the conclusion that the spleen has independent territories under vascular standpoint. There are five. The upper pole is supported by the phrenoesophageal membrane and few phrenic vessels and the inferior pole presents the splenic-gastric membrane, sectorial pedicle and the spleno-colic ligament. There is, therefore, greater anatomical integration of inferior pole with the visceral abdominal compartment, mainly with left upper quadrant6-8.

Young stabbing victim forced Campos.Christo2 to have the opportunity to realize the first partial splenectomy (ruled) successfully. The fact spread and today, injured spleen is maintained spleen9-14.

We had the opportunity to implant spleen fragments experimentally and all took completely. Petroianu discussed with me, but did not accept the suggestion and decided to investigate the upper pole on excellence studies15-21 on its remaining function after ruled splenectomy.

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