Revista ABCd (São Paulo). 15 Jan, 2021


Mauricio Adam Feitosa SAMPAIO
Simone Losekann Pereira SAMPAIO
Plinio da Cunha LEAL
Ed Carlos Rey MOURA
Lívia Goreth Galvão Serejo ALVARES
Caio Marcio Barros DE-OLIVEIRA
Orlando Jorge Martins TORRES
Marília da Glória MARTINS
DOI: 10.1590/0102-672020200003e1544


In Brazil, the goal-based approach was named Project ACERTO and has obtained good results when applied in elective surgeries with shorter hospitalization time, earlier return to activities without increased morbidity and mortality.


To analyze the impact of ACERTO on emergency surgery care.


An intervention study was performed at a trauma hospital. Were compared 452 patients undergoing emergency surgery and followed up by the general surgery service from October to December 2018 (pre-ACERTO, n=243) and from March to June 2019 (post-ACERTO, n=209). Dietary reintroduction, volume of infused postoperative venous hydration, duration of use of catheters, probes and drains, postoperative analgesia, prevention of postoperative vomiting, early mobilization and physiotherapy were evaluated.


After the ACERTO implantation there was earlier reintroduction of the diet, the earlier optimal caloric intake, earlier venous hydration withdrawal, higher postoperative analgesia prescription, postoperative vomiting prophylaxis and higher physiotherapy and mobilization prescription were achieved early in all (p<0.01); in the multivariate analysis there was no change in the complication rates observed before and after ACERTO (10.7% vs. 7.7% (p=0.268) and there was a decrease in the length of hospitalization after ACERTO (8,5 vs. 6,1 dias (p=0.008).


The implementation of the ACERTO project decreased the length of hospital stay, improved medical care provided without increasing the rates of complications evaluated.

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