Revista ABCd (São Paulo). 01 Sep, 2014

Adoption of MELD score increases the number of liver transplant

DOI: 10.1590/S0102-67202014000300010


Liver transplantation is performed at large transplant centers worldwide as a therapeutic intervention for patients with end-stage liver diseases.


To analyze the outcomes and incidence of liver transplantation performed at the University of São Paulo and to compare those with the State of São Paulo before and after adoption of the Model for End-Stage Liver Disease (MELD) score.


Evaluation of the number of liver transplantations before and after adoption of the MELD score. Mean values and standard deviations were used to analyze normally distributed variables. The incidence results were compared with those of the State of São Paulo.


There was a high prevalence of male patients, with a predominance of middle-aged. The main indication for liver transplantation was hepatitis C cirrhosis. The mean and median survival rates and overall survival over ten and five years were similar between the groups (p>0.05). The MELD score increased over the course of the study period for patients who underwent liver transplantation (p>0.05). There were an increased number of liver transplants after adoption of the MELD score at this institution and in the State of São Paulo (p<0.001).


The adoption of the MELD score led to increase the number of liver transplants performed in São Paulo.

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