Revista ABCd (São Paulo). 16 Aug, 2018


Priscele Viana dos SANTOS
Ana Beatriz Marques BARBOSA
Vanessa Apolonio TARGINO
Nathalie de Almeida SILVA
Yanka Costa de Melo SILVA
André de Sá Braga OLIVEIRA
Thiago de Oliveira ASSIS
DOI: 10.1590/0102-672020180001e1403


The celiac trunk (CT) is one of the abdominal portion branches of the aortic artery and, together with the superior mesenteric and inferior mesenteric arteries, participates in the abdominal viscera vascularization through a series of anastomoses. Absence of CT or variation in the number of terminal branches implies in varied abdominal arteries origins, which may have implication in surgical approaches.


To analyze the anatomical variations of the celiac trunk and possible associated surgical clinical implications.


It is a systematic review of articles indexed in the PubMed, Lilacs, SciELO, Springerlink, Scienc Direct and Latindex databases from August to September 2017. Original articles involving the anatomical variations of the celiac trunk in humans were included. The presence/absence of the celiac trunk, the number of terminal branches and the place of origin of its branches in variant cases of the normal anatomical pattern, were considered for this study.


At the end of the research, 12 articles were selected, characterized by sample, anatomical structure evaluation method and main results. The normal anatomical pattern was the most prevalent in most studies (75.0%). CT was absent in 41.7% of the findings. The most prevalent anatomical variation was the presence of CT with bifurcation (66.7%). It was also observed the origin of the common and splenic hepatic arteries from the mesenteric arteries (25.0%). The presence of only one branch (16.7%) and quadrifurcation (8.33%) were other findings.


CT variations are not uncommon findings, with different anatomic variants being reported. Thus, the importance of knowing the possible variations of this structure is emphasized, which may have implications for surgical interventions and imaging studies related to the abdominal region.

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