Revista ABCd (São Paulo). 31 Jan, 2022


Roberta Laís Silva MENDONÇA
Danilo Toshio KANNO
José Aires PEREIRA
Fabio Guilherme CAMPOS
Camila Morais Gonçalves da SILVA
Bruna Zini de Paula FREITAS
Carlos Augusto Real MARTINEZ
DOI: 10.1590/0102-672020210002e1630


Oxidative stress is one of the main mechanisms associated with the rupture of the defense mechanisms of the colonic epithelial barrier; it reduces the tissue content of the claudin-3 and occludin proteins, which are the main constituents of intercellular tight junctions. Sucralfate (SCF) has antioxidant activity and has been used to treat different forms of colitis.


This study aimed to measure the tissue claudin-3 and occludin content of the colon mucosa without fecal transit, subjected to intervention with SCF.


Thirty-six rats were subjected to left colon colostomy and distal mucous fistula. They were divided into two groups according to euthanasia that was performed 2 or 4 weeks after the intervention. Each group was divided into three subgroups according to the enema applied daily: saline alone, SCF at 1 g/kg/day, or SCF at 2 g/kg/day. Colitis was diagnosed by the histological analysis adopting the previous validate scale. The tissue expression of both proteins was identified by immunohistochemical technique. The content of proteins was quantified by computer-assisted image analysis.


The inflammatory score was high in colonic segments without fecal transit, and enemas with SCF reduced the inflammatory score in these segments, mainly in those animals submitted to intervention with SCF in greater concentration and for a longer period of intervention. There was an increase in tissue content of claudin-3 and occludin, related to SCF concentration. The tissue content of both proteins was not related to the intervention time.


Enemas with SCF reduced the inflammation and increased the tissue content of claudin-3 and occludin in colonic mucosa without fecal stream.

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