Revista ABCd (São Paulo). 01 Mar, 2013

Digestive tract reconstitution after failed esophago-gastro or esophago-coloanastomosis

DOI: 10.1590/S0102-67202013000100003

BACKGROUND: Severe dysphagia or even aphagia can occur after esophagectomy secondary to necrosis of the ascended organ with severe stricture or complete separation of the stumps. Catastrophic esophageal or gastric disruption drives the decision to "disconnect" the esophagus in order to prevent severe septic complications. The operations employed to re-establish esophageal discontinuity are not standardized and reoperations for re-establishment of the upper digestive transit are a real challenge. METHODS: This is retrospective study collecting the authors experience during 17 years including 18 patients, 14 of them previously submitted to esophagectomy and four to esophagogastrectomy. They were operated on in order to re-establish the upper digestive tract. RESULTS: Redo esophago-gastro-anastomosis was possible in 12 patients, 10 through cervical approach and combined with sternotomy in four in order to perform the new anastomosis. In five patients a new esophago-colo anastomosis was performed. Free jejunal graft interposition was performed in one patient. Complications occurred in ten patients (55.5 %): anastomotic leaks in three, strictures in four, sternal condritis in two and cervical abscess in one. No mortality was observed. CONCLUSION: There are different surgical options for the treatment of this difficult and risky clinical situation which must be treated with tailored procedures according to the anatomic segment available to be used, choosing the most conservative procedure.

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