Revista ABCd (São Paulo). 05 Jan, 2022


Luciano HYBNER
Fernando Issamu TABUSHI
Luis Martins COLLAÇO
Érika Gomes DA ROSA
Bruno de Faria Melquíades DA ROCHA
Mateus Franzoni BOCHNIA
DOI: 10.1590/0102-672020210003e1607


Retrograde endoscopic cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) effectively treats biliary and pancreatic disorders. Its indications are limited and precise, since its misuse delays adequate treatment, increases costs and to patient´s adverse events.


To compare clinical, radiological and exploratory characteristics in relation to therapeutic success in patients undergoing ERCP in relation to age.


421 patients who underwent the method were retrospectively studied; those who were not able to access the duodenal papilla were excluded. The patients were divided into two age groups: <60 years (group 1) and >60 years (group 2), and the variables of gender, examination indications, radiological findings, therapeutic success, diagnosis and the occurrence of immediate adverse events were analyzed.


177 patients were allocated to group 1 and 235 to group 2. The main indication found in both groups was choledocholithiasis. In group 2, the number of cases of acute cholangitis (p=0.001), biliary stenosis (p=0.002) and papilla cancer (p=0.046) was higher. In this group, urgent indication for ERCP was higher (p=0.042), as well as the diagnosis of biliary tract dilatation (p<0.001). The placement of prostheses was the most common procedure performed in both groups, but the greatest number of patients in absolute quantity occurred in group 2. In group 1, the success in catheterization and the chance of achieving clearing of the biliary tract was significantly higher in compared to group 2 (p=0.016, OR=2.1).


The success of catheterization and complete clearance of the bile duct was significantly higher in the group of young patients.

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