Revista ABCd (São Paulo). 15 Jan, 2021


Bruno Costa MARTINS
Clarissa Santos SOUZA
Jennifer Nakamura RUAS
Carlos Kiyoshi FURUYA
Sonia Nadia FYLYK
Christiano Makoto SAKAI
Edson IDE
DOI: 10.1590/0102-672020200003e1543


Upper digestive endoscopy is important for the evaluation of patients submitted to fundoplication, especially to elucidate postoperative symptoms. However, endoscopic assessment of fundoplication anatomy and its complications is poorly standardized among endoscopists, which leads to inadequate agreement.


To assess the frequency of postoperative abnormalities of fundoplication anatomy using a modified endoscopic classification and to correlate endoscopic findings with clinical symptoms.


This is a prospective observational study, conducted at a single center. Patients were submitted to a questionnaire for data collection. Endoscopic assessment of fundoplication was performed according to the classification in study, which considered four anatomical parameters including the gastroesophageal junction position in frontal view (above or at the level of the pressure zone); valve position at retroflex view (intra-abdominal or migrated); valve conformation (total, partial, disrupted or twisted) and paraesophageal hernia (present or absent).


One hundred patients submitted to fundoplication were evaluated, 51% male (mean age: 55.6 years). Forty-three percent reported postoperative symptoms. Endoscopic abnormalities of fundoplication anatomy were reported in 46% of patients. Gastroesophageal junction above the pressure zone (slipped fundoplication), and migrated fundoplication, were significantly correlated with the occurrence of postoperative symptoms. There was no correlation between symptoms and conformation of the fundoplication (total, partial or twisted).


This modified endoscopic classification proposal of fundoplication anatomy is reproducible and seems to correlate with symptomatology. The most frequent abnormalities observed were slipped and migrated fundoplication, and both correlated with the presence of symptoms.

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