Revista ABCd (São Paulo). 07 Jan, 2014

Hepatectomy: a critical analysis on expansion of the indications

Ascêncio Garcia LOPES-JUNIOR
Carlos Eduardo JACOB
DOI: 10.1590/S0102-67202014000100012


Hepatic resection has evolved to become safer, thereby making it possible to expand the indications.


: To assess the results from a group of patients presenting these expanded indications.


Were prospectively studied all the hepatectomy procedures performed for hepatic tumor resection. Patients with benign and malignant primary and secondary tumors were included. Were included variables such as age, gender, preoperative diagnosis, preoperative treatment, type of operation performed, need for transfusion, final anatomopathological examination and postoperative evolution. The patients were divided into two groups: group A, with a traditional indication for hepatectomy; and group B, with an expanded indication (tumors in both hepatic lobes, extensive resection encompassing five or more segments, cirrhotic livers and postoperative chemotherapy using hepatotoxic drugs).


Were operated 38 patients, and 40 hepatectomies were performed: 28 patients in group A and 10 in group B. The mean age was 57.7 years, and 25 patients were women. Three in group B were operated as two separate procedures. Groups A and B received means of 1.46 and 5.5 packed red blood cell units per operation, respectively. There were three cases with complications in group A (10.7%) and six in group B (60%). The mortality rate in group A was 3.5% (one patient) and in groups B, 40% (four patients). The imaging examinations were sensitive for the presence of tumors but not for defining the type of tumor. The blood and derivative transfusion rates, morbidity and mortality were greater in the group with expanded indications and more extensive surgery.


The indications for liver biopsy and portal vein embolization or ligature can be expanded, with special need of cooperation of the anesthesiology department and the use of hepatic resection devices to diminish blood transfusion.

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