Revista ABCd (São Paulo). 09 Apr, 2015

Late surgical complications after gastric by-pass: a literature review

Thais Jacóe SOARES
Danielle Pedroni MORAES
Gisele Chagas de MEDEIROS
Fernanda Chiarion SASSI
Claudia Regina Furquim de ANDRADE
DOI: 10.1590/S0102-67202015000200015


Oral transit time is one of the parameters observed during the clinical assessment of the swallowing function. The importance of this parameter is due to its impact on the total duration of a meal, whose consequence can be an unfavorable nutritional prognostic.


To document scientific papers that measure oral transit time in healthy subjects.


The review followed the steps proposed by the Cochrane Handbook. The search was done via the PubMed database through the use of descriptors related to the oral phase of swallowing, as well as to types of food consistency.


The articles on the theme had different definitions for oral transit time, as well as heterogeneity of tested volumes, age and gender of the participants. The times found varied from 0.35 s to 1.54 s for liquids, from 0.39 s to 1.05 s for pasty foods and from 1 s to 12.8 s for solid foods. Also, regardless of volume or consistency, oral transit time in elderly people is significantly longer than in adults.


There's no consensus in the literature about oral transit time in healthy subjects. However, this parameter should be valued during the assessment of the swallowing function due to its negative impact on the dynamics of swallowing, which can cause high energy expenditure during feeding.

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