Revista ABCd (São Paulo). 20 Dec, 2019


Orlando Jorge Martins TORRES
Marcelo Moura LINHARES
Eduardo José B RAMOS
Paulo Cezar G AMARAL
Angelica Maria LUCCHESE
Romerito Fonseca NEIVA
Theago Medeiros FREITAS
Josiel Paiva VIEIRA
Jaldo Santos FREIRE
Camila Cristina S TORRES
Antonio Nocchi KALIL
DOI: 10.1590/0102-672020190001e1463


Primary intrahepatic lithiasis is defined when the stones are formed in the liver and associated with local dilatation and biliary stricture. Liver resection is the ideal procedure.


To evaluate the results of liver resection in the treatment of non-oriental intrahepatic lithiasis.


Fifty-one patients with symptomatic benign non-oriental hepatolithiasis underwent surgical resection in six institutions in Brazil. Demography data, clinical symptoms, classification, diagnosis, management and postoperative course were analyzed.


Of the 51 patients, 28 were male (54.9%), with a mean age of 49.3 years. History of cholangitis was observed in 15 (29.4%). The types of intrahepatic lithiasis were type I in 39 (76.5%) and type IIb in 12 (23.5%), with additional type Ea in six (11.8%). Liver function test were normal in 42 patients (82.4%). Segmental atrophy was observed in 12 (23.5%). Treatments included left lateral sectionectomy in 24 (47.1%), left hepatectomy in 14 (27.5%) and right hepatectomy in eight (15.7%), with associated hepaticojejunostomy in four (7.8%). Laparoscopic liver resection was performed in eight (15.7%). Postoperative complications were observed in 20 (39.2%) with no mortality.


Liver resection in patients with hepatolithiasis is the ideal procedure as it removes stones, stricture, atrophic parenchyma, and minimizes the risk of cholangiocarcinoma.

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