Revista ABCd (São Paulo). 08 Apr, 2015

Orthoses, prostheses, controls and ethics

Jorge Alberto Langbeck OHANA
DOI: 10.1590/S0102-67202015000200001

In any business relationship - contracts, provision of services or outsourcing -, the contracting party (public or private) has the sacred duty and the full right to audit. The control and evaluation is vital sector for the zeal, care, probity, proper application of funds dispensed to purchase inputs, procedures execution and personnel payment.

To assist in this thorny, but necessary task, there are several instruments as analysis of historical series, protocol obedience and/or guidelines, virtual audits by sampling or, then, permanent in person auditing.

The regulatory team is authorized to question certain procedures, and must have the authority to call the patient to clarify the need of exams that helped in the treatment indication, with the ethical prerogative to contact the applicant professional and discuss unclear aspects. Should call for enlightening conversations doctors who take very different approaches from the usual curve of a control group.

They should be analyzed by the agent that pays for treatment, items on the quality of material to be made used, to avoid arguments that the material of the brand "X" is much higher than brand "Y", forcing, directing the patient to a particular supplier, throwing him against the health plan. It should be established that if certain material is unreliable, ANVISA/MS must be notified to banned it from national use. But, the acting person must be responsible enough to sign the declaration and to have proof about the complaint.

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