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Marcio Fernandes CHEDID
Pietro Waltrick BRUM
Tomaz de Jesus Maria GREZZANA-FILHO
Rafaela Kathrine da SILVA
Pedro Funari PEREIRA
Aljamir Duarte CHEDID
Cleber Rosito Pinto KRUEL



Morbidity of liver resections is related to intraoperative bleeding and postoperative biliary fistulas. The Endo-GIA stapler (EG) in liver resections is well established, but its cost is high, limiting its use. The linear cutting stapler (LCS) is a lower cost device.


To report open liver resections, using LCS for transection of the liver parenchyma and en bloc stapling of vessels and bile ducts.


Ten patients were included in the study. Four patients with severe abdominal pain had benign liver tumors (three adenomas and one focal nodular hyperplasia). Among the remaining six patients, four underwent liver resection for the treatment of colorectal liver metastases, three of which had undergone preoperative chemotherapy. The other two cases were one patient with metastasis from a testicular teratoma and the other with metastasis from a gastrointestinal neuroectodermal tumor.


The average length of stay was five days (range 4–7 days). Of the seven patients who underwent resections of segments II/III, two presented postoperative complications: one developed a seroma and the other a collection of abdominal fluid who underwent percutaneous drainage, antibiotic therapy, and blood transfusion. Furthermore, the three patients who underwent major resections had postoperative complications: two developed anemia and received blood transfusions and one had biloma and underwent percutaneous drainage and antibiotic therapy.


The use of the linear stapler in hepatectomies was efficient and at lower costs, making it suitable for use whenever EG is not available. The size of the LCS stapler shaft is more suitable for en bloc transection of the left lateral segment of the liver, which is thinner than the right one. Further studies are needed to evaluate the safety of LCS for large liver resections and resections of tumors located in the right hepatic lobe.

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