Revista ABCd (São Paulo). 09 Sep, 2022


Carolina Mocellin Ghizoni
Fábio Brasil
César Augusto Taconeli
Lígia de Oliveira Carlos
Flávia Saboia
Giorgio Alfredo Pedroso Baretta
Magda Rosa Ramos da Cruz
Antônio Carlos Ligocki Campos
DOI: 10.1590/0102-672020220002e1682


It is recommended that bariatric surgery candidates undergo psychological assessment. However, no specific instrument exists to assess the psychological well-being of bariatric patients, before and after surgery, and for which all constructs are valid for both genders.


This study aimed to develop and validate a new psychometric instrument to be used before and after bariatric surgery in order to assess psychological outcomes of patients.


This is a cross-sectional study that composed of 660 individuals from the community and bariatric patients. BariTest was developed on a Likert scale consisting of 59 items, distributed in 6 constructs, which assess the psychological well-being that influences bariatric surgery: emotional state, eating behavior, quality of life, relationship with body weight, alcohol consumption, and social support. Validation of BariTest was developed by the confirmatory factor analysis to check the content, criteria, and construct. The R statistical software version 3.5.0 was used in all analyses, and a significance level of 5% was used.


Adjusted indices of the confirmatory factor analysis model indicate adequate adjustment. Cronbach’s alpha of BariTest was 0.93, which indicates good internal consistency. The scores of the emotional state, eating behavior, and quality of life constructs were similar between the results obtained in the community and in the postoperative group, being higher than in the preoperative group. Alcohol consumption was similar in the preoperative and postoperative groups and was lower than the community group.


BariTest is a reliable scale measuring the psychological well-being of patients either before or after bariatric surgery.

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