Revista ABCd (São Paulo). 28 Oct, 2017


Elinton Adami CHAIM
Almino Cardoso RAMOS
Everton CAZZO
DOI: 10.1590/0102-6720201700040009

Background :

In recent years, a surgical technique known as single-anastomosis gastric bypass or mini-gastric bypass has been developed. Its frequency of performance has increased considerably in the current decade.

Aim :

To describe the mini-gastric bypass technique, its implementation and preliminary results in a university hospital.

Methods :

This is an ongoing prospective trial to evaluate the long-term effects of mini-gastric bypass. The main features of the operation were: a gastric pouch with about 15-18 cm (50-150 ml) with a gastroenteric anastomosis in the pre-colic isoperistaltic loop 200 cm from the duodenojejunal angle (biliopancreatic loop).

Results :

Seventeen individuals have undergone surgery. No procedure needed to be converted to open approach. The overall 30-day morbidity was 5.9% (one individual had intestinal obstruction caused by adhesions). There was no mortality.

Conclusion :

Mini-gastric bypass is a feasible and safe bariatric surgical procedure.

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